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Welcome to my homepage. Living with cats is an amazing adventure - and often a mystery. You might be full of questions, because you just can't understand what your cat wants to tell you. There might even be serious trouble going on making life with your cat difficult. Or there are changes coming up, like a new member of the family, might it be two- or four-legged. Maybe you're just looking for ideas to make life with your best pal even better. Whatever it is, when it comes to you and your cat, I'm happy to lend a hand.

Being a behavioural biologist, I have always been interested in improving animal welfare. Since cats have been part of my life for more than 20 years, I combine scientific knowledge with personal experience on domestic (and wild) cats, zoo biology and the evaluation of welfare in animals.

I hold a PhD in zoology, as well as a certificate in animal psychology and behaviour consulting in cats and dogs. I have also worked in Australia for two years, so I'm fluent in English.

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Behavioural Therapy

Life with your cat isn't as harmonic as you'd like? You would like to get rid of certain behaviours? Your cat destroys your furniture or doesn't use the toilet? There is trouble between your cat and certain members of the family? Together, we will work out a strategy to improve the situation.

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Cats and Dogs

You keep dogs and cats together or want to do this? Keeping both species doesn't work out smoothly for you? Being a certified dog psychologist, I can translate between the tow of them and assist you in relaxing their daily life.

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Counseling in sickness and death

Your cat or dog is old-aged or very sick? You feel lost between veterinarian diagnosis and your own emotions? You would like somebody to talk to and help you with decisions. I can accompany you and your animal on this way.

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Interested in a talk about cats, dogs or animals in general? I offer talks for kindergarden, schools, senior citizens, disabled citizens, animal shelters and all other interested people.

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Interesting things about domestic and wild cats, funny stories and tips on cat husbandry. With the occassional appearence of the odd dog.

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Why call in a behavioural consultant for cats? What is the difference between me and the cat owners in your private circle? What training and experience do I offer to assist you and your cat?

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How does an animal behaviour consultant work? Learn more about first contact, therapy plan, consulting by phone and training sessions.

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An overview on services and costs.

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